Product Features  

Interlocking: Independently of moulded implements to facilitate dentkulation,these pavers create considerable interlocking by means of their varying forms and sizes. Unlike conventional paved surfaces they are capable of even enduring major transverse and sheer loads.
Natural stone finish:The surface of the stone consists of high-grade natural stone chippings stemming from all over Europe.Their mixture imparts a natural and lively look to the surface.
Shot-blasted: In a special procedure,the surfaces are shot-blasted under high pressure using small steel beads. The uppermost layer of fine mortar is removed so that a harmonic surface is created, in which the precious natural stones are shown to advantage.The small uneven spots created by the blasting give the pavement its structured appearance.Shot-blasted surfaces, moreover,provide a high degree of protection against slipping under wet conditions.
Washed (Exposed): Even before the surfaces are co m pi ete ly harde n ed, the layer of fi ne morta r betwee n the natural stones is washed out by means of a jet of water.The pristine quality of the natural stonebecomes visible.
Grinded: The surfaces of hardened Paving Blocks are automatically moved through a grinding plant which firstly calibrates the products at the bottom side to get an even height. In a second process the surfaces are grinded to a certain smoothness just short of being slippery.The tiny stones of the facemix get bizarre shapes and the brightness of the material is fully exposed. Due to the grinding process the blocks will be up to 5 mm thinner than indicated.
Grinded and shot-blasted: In two succeeding manufacturing sequences a slightly roughed and decorative surface appears,which give the product a unique and expensive look. H ig h q ua I ity, natu ra I ma rble ch i ps i n t he face m ix g et exposed. Colours and shapes look bright and qualitative. The surface is safe to walk upon. Due to the grinding process the blocks will be up to 5 mm thinner than indicated.
Topographed surface: In a special procedure the block attains a wavy, structured surface.Their sophisticated and noble appearance makes topographed paved surfaces unmistakable. In addition, the relief ensures increased protection against slipping.
Permeable pavers: Surface watereither seeps through the joints between the pavers (turf pavement and eco paving) or through cavities in the pavers (turfs tones).
PASCOprotect is applied into the concrete face-mix during Paving production and remains protective over the lifetime of the Paving. The visual appearance of the original concrete surface is retained.
PASCOcolourmix is applied into the concrete face-mix during Paving production and an absolutely unique colour combination is shown on each block. Four colour combinations are available.
Natural stone-like appearance: Surfaces with a natural stone-like appearance closely resemble the natural look of sand stones, also in their col our. With their pristine and rugged look, pavers with a natural stone-like appearance can be used to produce a special effect. Moreover,the surface ensures that they are ideal and safe to walk upon.
Circular or segmental arcs: For each individual paving system matching segmental arcs or entire circular arcs are ava i la b le. They are i dea I ly su ited to c reat e es pec ia I ly I ively and natural-looking surfaces.
Illuminable pavings: Estello: via a bore durable LED elements and a coloured glass top are inserted in the block Estello is fed by a commereial quality transformer. It is easy to assemble and extremely resistant.
Machine laying: With the help of laying machines the labourers are able to I ay specific paving systems easily, quickly and economically.

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