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The retaining wall block
  • Easy to fix – self centering outline
  • Can be handled by one person (35 kg)
  • Up to 1.50 m height no anchor system required
  • A Attractive split face
  • Wall system can follow any form of terrain
  • Rough split face offers ideal support for creepers and other climbing plants
  • Negligible height tolerances
  • A all wall types can be built up with one single block type.
  • The symmetrical blocks have different visible faces, thus providing a multitude of design options.
  • Full use of the static capacity due to large three-level supporting areas.
  • Center of gravity on the center line of the supporting area.
  • Full stability even when the blocks are displaced.
  • In case the wall width of the lower part of the wall has to be extended for statical reasons, no special blocks are required.
  • Self-centering construction without the disadvantages of synclinal bedding.
  • Safe, statically reliable curves and angles, formed easily by simply staggering the blocks, supporting them at different heights.
  • In open-type walls the soil reaches until the front edge of the block, thus offering perfect conditions for planting.
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