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The split-face block wall system
A garden enclosure or boundary wall that blends harmoniously into the landscape. Whether for installing free-standing dividing walls or screenings, creating privacy, or, in combination with Rasterflor® plantable blocks, as a retaining wall, the Bossamur® split-face wall system stands for an attractive exterior design. The special tongue-and-groove-system ensures a smooth and handy build-up. And the large complementary product line provides even more appealing design options.
Bossamur® - The Split-face Wall System

The combination of standard sizes with a special tongue-and-groove-system allows a smooth and handy build-up. Due to the mortarless construction, simply setting one block upon the other, the split-face block walls are built up in almost no time.

The tongue-and-groove-interlocking gives the wall the necessary stability. Only the top course of cap blocks without tongue (supplied in a fixed ratio) should be fixed with concrete adhesive or mortar.

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