Paving Stones

Size (cm)
Thickness of paving stones (cm)
6 8
6 8
6 8

PASCO Trento - A very special paver

PASCO Trento - the perfect paver for sophisticated and representative design. An exquisite paver that lends an individual touch to private and public walkways, squares and courtyards. With PASCO Trento you can set highlights.

This pavement system enables you to form even the most softest curves or radii on a walkway or a rosette on any courtyard or square. In a striking and effective manner, it blends well with the ambiance and assimilates the architectural conception of its environment.

PASCO Trento is manufactured in two formats, with embossed edges, designed to be combined. The bead-blasted topographer surfaces with high-grade double-broken chippings lend your pavement its nature-like look and colors. PASCO Trento is available in 14 colours.

So, PASCO Trento not only sets standards in creative design, it also gives an impressive example of the outstanding functional qualities of modern pavement systems.

Nature-like surfaces, soft edges and an irregular texture create a harmonic bonding pattern. Manufactured with high-grade natural stone faces and featuring a perfectly harmonising range of colours, Trento, with its outstanding functional qualities, meets the highest demand. A very special paver for sophisticated design.