Paving Stones

Size (cm)
Thickness of paving stones (cm)
6 8 10
Edge stone
6 8 10

Uni Block Paving Stone - Durable traffic surfaces

The Uni Block® Interlocking Paver is a highly economical concrete paver with outstanding capability. Its denticulating form creates a force fitting connection between block to block. The result is an optimal distribution of traffic loads and an even relief of tension. This capacity of taking loads increases the durability of traffic surfaces laid with Uni Block® Interlocking Pavers.

Standard Uni Block® Interlocking Pavers come with thickness of 6cm, 8cm and 10cm and with an edging design according to the new European norm for paving blocks. According to EN1338, pavers with a minimum chamfer of up to 2 mm are classified as edged. The possibility to lay the blocks by machine in a herringbone pattern additionally increases the load-bearing capacity of the surface (with an offset execution). In conjunction with the herringbone pattern is the block of choice for industrial surfaces which must bear high loads.

Standard Uniblock pavings are manufactured in 6,8 and 10 cm thickness