Paving Stones


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Size (cm)
Thickness of paving stones (cm)
16.5 x 20
6 8 10


Tufpave Capable of bearing high loads and resistant to wear

The interlocking double T paver is a time-tested interlocking concrete paver. Due to its by now almost classic form, a surface laid with this block takes up high loads without a deformation being caused to the surface.

The interlocking double T paver is always laid transversely to the driving direction. It is frost-resistant and is distinguished by its especially wear-resistant surface. The possibility of laying the block by machine enables surfaces to be paved extremely economically. Interlocking double T pavers are available with chamfers.

The Interlocking Tufpave pavers ensure a high load-bearing capacity; it is also very economical as far as purchase and laying are concerned. The paving block, which is available in two different strengths, is suited for public walkways as well as for private gateways, commercial car parks, storage areas or access routes.

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